In June at each year, the last year students of Metu Computer Engineering exhibit their senior design projects in the department activity called DemoDay. Below, there are the photos with my project groups from Metu Ceng DemoDay 2018. Also, you can watch the activity video from here. In order to see the project details and contest results, visit the activity page.

I am so happy that my group AgroIntelligence was ranked 1st and CCW was ranked 6th in DemoDay 2018. Indeed, I should say that I am already so lucky to catch the opportunity of working with all of my 5 groups. I appreciate all their endeavours. You can see AgroIntelligence in above left, CCW at left, Decidin' in just below, NeVA in below left and 3D-Recons in just above.

Together with my term project groups in DemoDay...
All of our students put a big effort along one year and they exhibited their products in the Metu Ceng DemoDay. We congratulate the groups ranking the highest and we are proud of all the students taking part in the activity.