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    Cognitive State Representation &
    Visualization of the Human Brain Data Obtained from fMRI

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    VERSION 2.1

    is available

    works on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit machines


High Performance

C++ and OpenGLSL enable parallel processing on many operations that boost the overall performance.


CEREBRA is capable of displaying the time-varying brain network by changing the color of voxels and edges in time.


Voxel intensity values, functional and anatomical information can be displayed with single load operation.

Built-In Filters

The filters, ranging from basic thresholding to advanced graph simplifiers, bypass the brain connectivity hairball problem.

Stand Alone

CEREBRA does not require any other programs or plug-ins to work. Also, it does not require any installation steps.

Easy-to-Use Interface

CEREBRA has a very simple yet powerful user interface. Related operations are grouped together on a single side panel.

What is CEREBRA?

CEREBRA is developed to visualize the brain network extracted from the fMRI data as a network. The tool aims to visualize the selected voxels as the nodes of the network and the edge weights are estimated by modeling the relationships among the voxel time series as a set of linear regression equations. This way, researchers can analyze the active regions of the brain and observe the interactions among the regions by analyzing the edge weights and node degree distributions of the brain network, for the underlying brain state. CEREBRA provides an easy to use interactive interface with basic display options for users to examine the details of the brain network. The tool simplifies the network by built-in processors of graph reduction algorithms to display various properties of the network. It is also capable of space-time representation of the dynamically changing voxel intensity values, by animating the 3D voxel time series.

The Team

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Researcher & Developer

Barış Nasır

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Thesis Advisor

Fatoş T. Yarman Vural


You can download CEREBRA and User Manual using the link on the right. However, you should grant access from the developer. All contents will be updated as soon as a new version is released. If you find something outdated, please do not hesitate to ask for the latest version. There is no installation step on CEREBRA, you can run the program after extracting the downloaded package.

CEREBRA 64-bit Last Update: 17.01.2017

User Manual Coming Soon!

Sample Data Last Update: 17.01.2017

Screenshots Last Update: 20.09.2016

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