Conferences and organizations:



The next SDPS conference SDPS

Birmingham, Alabama November 2017



Turkish Software Engineering Symposium – Ulusal Yazılım Mühendisliği Sempozyumu

Conference site:          UYMS14


Turkish Software Architecrue Conference – Ulusal Yazılım Mimarisi Konferansı

   UYMK2014              UYMK2016




Also check for the other local conferences:  UYMK, YKGS, SAVTEK and USMOS




Current Research Topics


Security for Cyber-physical Systems and IoT

Variability centric software development

Variability in Component Connectors

Fault management systems – specıfıc languages, product line architecture and development

End User Development – practical framework development

Service Oriented Composition

Axiomatic Design in automated software development



Spring 2017 Research Meetings


Our research group resumed meetings on Wednesday evenings, at 6 pm. Not every week! Write/call before coming.