Fatih Gokce    
 M.S., Department of Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 2008    
 B.S., Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Selcuk University, 2004    

 Telephone: (90) 312 210 73 71 / 55 45  
 Fax: (90) 312 210 55 44 



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I am a member of Kovan Research Lab.

I am currently enrolled in Faculty Development Program ( OYP) on behalf of Suleyman Demirel University.


I participated in a project supported by Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc.. In this project, we successfully showed that a flock of three UAVs can be navigated in outdoor environments by only providing user control inputs to the leader UAV in the flock.

I participated in a TUBITAK project - Controllable Robotic Swarms (Kontrol Edilebilir Robot Ogullari). In this project, I have mainly worked on the development of a robotic platform, Kobot.