Pinar Karagoz @METU Computer Engineering Department




Pinar Karagoz  

Interest Areas:
Workflow Systems, Database Management Systems, Logic Programming, Data Mining, Semantic Web
Current Research Areas:
Specification and Verification of Workflows, Multi-relational Data Mining, Web Mining, Web Service Composition
Contact Information:
E-mail : karagoz[at]
Address : METU Computer Eng. Department A-404 06800 Ankara Turkey
Telephone : +90-(312)-210-5518
Fax : +90-(312)-210-5544



  • Cross Organizational Recommendation Generation for Performance Improvement by using Cross-Organizational Process Mining (Plug-In on Prom) Available at Github

    (Link at ProM )

  • Sentimentality and Polarity for the ClueWeb09 Dataset (here)