Meltem Turhan Yöndem

Meltem Turhan Yöndem

Middle East Technical University
Department of Computer Engineering

Academic Interests

Natural Language Semantics, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Discourse Segmentation, Databases, Fuzzy Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering.


  • Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, METU , 1994-2001
  • M.S in Computer Engineering, METU, 1991-February 1994
  • B.S in Computer Engineering, METU, 1986-July 1990


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  • M. Turhan Yondem, Identifying the Interactions of Multi-criteria in Turkish Discourse Segmentation, PhD Thesis, METU, 2001.
  • M. Turhan Yondem, "An Analysis on Turkish Discourse Segmentation", In Proc. of ESSLLI 2000, pp 265-274, 2000.
  • M. Turhan Yondem, "Effect of Discourse Markers on Turkish Discourse Segmentation", In Proc. of ICTL 2000.
  • M. Turhan, "Genetic Fuzzy Clustering", New Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, TAINN, 1997.
  • M. Turhan, "Genetic Fuzzy Clustering by Means of Discovering Membership Functions", Lecture Notes in Computer Science on Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis, pp 384-394, 1997.
  • M. Turhan, O. Şehitoğlu, "Resolution of Dropped Pronouns in a Phrase Structure Grammar", in Proc. of ESSLLI, pp 183-191, 1997.
  • M. Turhan, "A GBML Approach to DFA Construction and its Applications to Turkish Word Inflection", In Proc. of ISCIS XI, pp 651-655, 1996.
  • Click here for my master thesis (gzipped postscript, 219632 bytes)
  • Click here for my paper "Fuzzy complex knowledge representation and retrieval in Prolog" submitted to ISCIS96.
  • Click here for my paper "A GBML approach to DFA construction and its application to Turkish noun inflection" submitted to ISCIS96.

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