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CENG786 - Robot Motion Planning and Control

Fall 2015
Uluç Saranlı
Lecture: G102 (1st floor of METU-CC), Thu 9:40-12:30
3 credits (ECTS: 8 credits)

This course is about motion control and planning for robots. We will concentrate mostly on mobile robots, but most of the methods we will learn about generalize to widely varying robot types and applications. The course will have significant applied content (most likely no hardware at all though), both in the form of homeworks and a term project. Moreover, you will be expected to learn about related research literature both through literature review and paper presentations.

Topics in the course include basic concepts of motion planning, representations of state and movement, potential functions, roadmaps, cell decompositions, robot dynamics, basic control, constrained motion, hybrid planning and control as well as logical reasoning methods for planning.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of linear algebra, a reasonable amount of calculus and continuous mathematics, a strong interest in robotics, artificial intelligence, planning and logical reasoning.

Important note: This is the first offering of this course in METU. Consequently, the course content is likely to be somewhat dynamic. I will adapt the emphasis of the course based on the background and interest of attendant students. Please note that this course is separate and significantly different from my other course, Embedded Systems, and will not require you to work with actual hardware implementations. It will mainly deal with algorithms and simulated implementations. You will probably want to have a good working knowledge of Matlab, Mathematica or other similar tools.

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Class Material

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Assignments Assignments, due dates, and policies
Projects Details and information on projects
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Course Information

Lectures Thu 09:40-12:30 G102
Textbook Principles of Robot Motion by Howie Choset etal., MIT Press, 2005, ISBN: 0-262-03327-5. The book's web site has the table contents and other information.
Other Books Planning Algorithms by Steven M. LaValle, Cambridge University Press, 2006, ISBN: 0521862051. Freely available online.
We will also use handouts from various articles and texts.
Credit 3 credits (ECTS: 8 credits)
Grading (Tentative)
Quizzes and participation: %5
Homeworks: %40
Paper presentations: %10
Term project: %25
Final: %20
Home http://www.ceng.metu.edu.tr/~saranli/courses/ceng786/


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