Göktürk Üçoluk





    • Dept. of Computer Eng., METU, ``Lectures on the SAM language REDUCE and LISP'', (March 1982, one week invited talk).
    • Physics Dept., METU, ``Symbolic Computation with REDUCE'', (1982-1983, One semester seminar)
    • Dept. of Computer Eng., METU, ``Data Query with PROLOG'' (1983-1984, Invited lectures in a graduate course on ``Relational Databases'')
    • Dept. of Computer Eng., METU, ``LISP, PROLOG and their applications'', (1985-1988, One semester senior course [CENG 356])
    • Physics Dept., METU, ``Computational Physics'', Co-lecturer, (1987-1988, One semester graduate course)
    • Turkish Military Forces, Head Quarter, Lecturer, (1991-1999 OBI Officer Training Program, Periods:II,III,IV,VI,VII,IX; Eight undergrad level courses, organized by SEM-METU)
    • ERDEMIR, Lecturer, (1992,1997, Programming in ANSI C, two lectures of 60 hours each, organized by SEM-METU).
    • ASELSAN, Lecturer, (1997, C Programming, one lecture of 52 hours, organized by SEM-METU)
    • University College London, Computer Science Department, Visiting Prof., (1994-1995, two undergrad courses on C programming and Programming with Miranda)
    • Dept. of Computer Eng., METU, (1989-present, Teaching various undergrad. and grad. courses in PL, AI, OOP, SAM.)

    • Symposium on National Planning and Development Policies in computer science, KTU, 1981, academic program, ``Improvement Activities at Bogazici University on SAM''
    • 4. National Physics Congress, TFD, Hacettepe University, 1982 ``REDUCE activities at BU and Applications in Physics''
    • 6. National Physics Congress, TFD, TUBITAK-Gebze, 1984, ``A REDUCE Package to Perform Exterior Calculus''
    • Physics Dept., METU, 1989, ``Neural Computing''
    • ``Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, [SAM]'', 1990, Bogazici University
    • Reginonal Seminar on Expert Systems and Microcomputers, METU, 1991.
    • TAINN, First National seminar on AI and NN, Bilkent University, 1992.
    • TAINN, Second National seminar on AI and NN, Bogaziçi University, 1993.
    • Conferance on Philosophical, Social and Juristical Aspects of AI, Ankara, 1993, Organizer, Editor.
    • TAINN, Third National seminar on AI and NN, METU, 1994, Programm committee (member), Organization committee (chair).

Thesis Supervised:
    • D. Ede, ``Automated Geometry Theorem Proving'' (1993) [MS]
    • A, Ergül, ``A Genetic Algorithm Solution to the Time-table and Scheduling Problem'' (1995) [MS] [completed under supervision of Dr. Halit Oguztüzün]
    • Y. Çeken, ``Automated Reconstruction of Broken 3-D Solid Objects'' (1995) [MS]
    • Y. Çiftçisoy, ``A Compression Algorithm for Turkish Texts'' (1996) [MS]
    • E. Korkmaz, ``A Method for Automatic Word Categorization'' (1997) [MS]
    • A. Arslan, ``DARWIN - A Genetic Algorithm Language Desing and its C Cross Compiler Implementation'' (1999) [MS]
    • O.T. Sehitoglu, ``Gene Reordering and Concurrency in Genetic Algorithms'' (2002) [PhD]

International Scientific Activities:
    • Computer Science Dept., Exeter University, England (Summer 1982) [Participated research activities on AI]
    • Computer Science Dept., University College London, (Summer 1986) British Council Support. [Participated R & D activities on Expert Systems and Fuzzy Logic]
    • Computing in High Energy Physics, Conference, Oxford, 1989
    • Institute for Theoretical Physics, Karlsruhe, Germany (Summer 1989) [Research related to Ph.D.]
    • ISCIS VII, Seventh International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, Antalya, 1992. [Member of the organizing committee]
    • Computer Science Dept., University College London, (1994-1995, 9 months) [Visiting Professor]
    • ISCIS XI, Eleventh International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, Antalya, 1996. [Member of the programm committee]
    • IEEE International Conference on Evolutionary Computation (ICEC 97), Indianapolis (1997)
    • 11.International Olympiad in Informatics, 1999 Host activities (see:

Software Experience:
    • Development of a fully portable, C coded Standart LISP interpreter and a compiler that compiles LISP to C. This work was a joint effort of G. Üçoluk (METU), T. Yilmaz (METU) and E. Karabudak (Univ. of Michigan), This product is distributed as an academic work (free of charge) and is demanded from over 200 cites all over the World.
    • Implementation of a SAM language, ORTOCARTAN on UNIVAC 1106. The task was to implement the Texas LISP dialect on the Univac.
    • A PROLOG interpreter coded in STD-LISP.
    • A parser/translator for an expert system front-end that will convert user given rules into LISP clauses. This work was done at British Telecom, as part of an ESPRIT project.
    • As a part of the Ph.D, development of a extension package to REDUCE which makes Exterior Algebra calculations possible. The implementation language is LISP.
    • Various facilities for REDUCE, most of them became part of the REDUCE system itself.
    • Commercial programming, mainly in C, C++, Pascal, DBASE, PROLOG, LISP and Assembler.

    • METU Revolving Fund Research Project, 88-01-05-02, ``Development of Data Analysis and Model Simulation Techniques in Experimental Research'', $35,000, Researcher.
    • METU Revolving Fund Infrastructure Project, 92-03-00-01, ``Construction of the Lab. Infrastructure for the C.Eng. Service Courses'', $80,000, Project Manager.
    • METU Revolving Fund Research Project, 92-03-12-01, ``Realization of a Fully Portable LISP Interpreter and Compiler'', 1992, $12,000, Project Manager.
    • NATO-SFS Project, ``Turkish Natural Language Processing Initiative'', 1993, $700,000, Research Associate.
    • TUBITAK-BILTEN Project, ``Design and Implementation of Evolutionary Computing Programming Language'', 1996, Project Manager.
    • ATOS (Aselsan,TUBITAK,ODTU,STM) Consorsium for CCCI realization for the Turkish Military Forces Headquarter, 1997, Technical Head of ODTU (METU) side.

Programming Languages:
LISP, PROLOG, Miranda, ML, C, C++, PASCAL, PL/1, FORTRAN, ALGOL, BASIC, REDUCE, MACSYMA, SCHEME, SNOBOL, MAPPLE, GPSS, Java. Assemblers:[80x86,680x0, Z80, 6502].

Operating Systems:

Fluent in English and German.

Born June 11, 1958; Married; Has two daughters of age 22 and 4 years.

18 August 2004