12-13 June 2015
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building 1, Room 379

The aim of this workshop is to foster collaborative multidisciplinary research on design to build appealing and sustainable products and living spaces. We plan to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines with the sole interest of identifying and solving computational problems underlying the process of creating with shapes.

In recent years, computational creativity emerged as a new theme within Artificial Intelligence. Unlike general computational creativity meetings, the present workshop does not explore enabling computers to perform a wide variety of creative tasks.

The Workshop focus is on matters of shape in appealing and sustainable designs of built spaces such as architectural elements, building facades, house or city plans. A recurring question is whether computers can assist humans' creative process for designing single or multi-material objects.

In addition to usual talks, the meeting will feature panels and interactive presentations.


George Stiny, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Host)
Sibel Tari, Middle East Technical University (Program Organization)
Mine Ozkar, Istanbul Technical University (Program Organization)
Chris Earl, The Open University
Iestyn Jowers, The Open University
Terry Knight, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hao Zhang, Simon Fraser University
Asli Genctav (Administrative Assistant)

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SIGGRAPH 2009 Course on Shape Grammars (George Stiny and Mine Ozkar, Lecturers)


Registration is free of charge but you still have to register, as the number of seats is limited. Please send email to asli[at]ceng[dot]metu[dot]edu[dot]tr if you would like to attend or contribute to the Workshop.