CENG223 - Discrete Computational Structures

Objective: This course on Discrete Computational Structures, a.k.a. Discrete Math, provides students with necessary mathematical background for computer science and engineering. The course introduces necessary discrete structures to model scientific or engineering problems and develop efficient and/or effective solutions, prove the correctness of their solutions and analyze the performance of them.

Syllabus: As one file.
  • Propositional Logic
  • Predicate Logic
  • Sets and Functions
  • Integers and Algorithms
  • Induction and Recursion
  • Counting
  • Relations
  • Graphs
  • Trees

  • 15%: 5 Take-home Exams, 3% each
  • 25%: Midterm Exam 1
  • 25%: Midterm Exam 2
  • 35%: Final Exam

Time & Place: Tue/Thu 9:40-12:30 & BMB2

Textbook: K. H. Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, McGraw-Hill, Seventh Edition, 2011.

Prerequisites: None.

Instructor: Yusuf Sahilliošlu. Office: B107. Come in anytime when I'm in the office. Email: ys@ceng.metu.edu.tr

Lecture Notes: None. Blackboard in use.

Assignments: None.

Term Project: None.

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